Te Waka Rangahau me Puukahatanga o Aotearoa


Freight Transport and Fleet Management

The safe and efficient movement of freight is fundamental to the performance of the economy. Over the last 10 years road freight movements have grown at a faster rate than real gross domestic product. In the long term this is unsustainable. Although the safety performance of the road freight sector has improved significantly, the increased volumes of freight moved have meant that in absolute terms the numbers of casualties from truck-involved crashes have not decreased significantly and the proportion of casualties attributed to truck-involved crashes has increased. Clearly this must change. It has been shown that the safety performance of heavy vehicles is strongly influenced by the culture and attitudes of the company management and the systems they have in place.


Current and recent projects

 Freight demand:
The overall aim of this research is to assist economic development through a more productive and efficient road, rail and costal shipping freight transport system. The research will determine the national and regional determinants of freight demand in New Zealand and will identify ways of managing the impact of freight demand on the economy, environment and safety.  

 Analysis of the safety benefits of heavy vehicle accreditation schemes:
Australia has a number of accreditation schemes for heavy vehicle operators. These schemes are all voluntary but there are concessions available to operators who join some of the schemes and so, for some types of operation, participation in the relevant scheme is necessary to be competitive. Most of the schemes are aimed at improving the safety of the operator through sound management practices. This study investigated the various schemes and quantified the safety benefits that accrued from membership.


    Other projects:

  • Transportation of wood fibre
  • Profile of the heavy vehicle fleet
  • Development of a cost model for pricing log transport tasks
  • Development of a cost model for pricing school bus operations
  • Future options for road-worthiness enforcement for the European Union