Te Waka Rangahau me Puukahatanga o Aotearoa


Environmental Sustainability

TERNZ's research priorities and capabilities have evolved to support government's increased emphasis in improving transport sustainability.


Current and recent projects

Fleet fuel efficiency: This project is determining the best ways of encouraging transport fleets to save fuel. There is growing recognition internationally of the potential to improve the 'bottom line' for businesses and reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector - by focusing on fuel-efficient operator commitment, fleet management and driver behaviour.

Fuel efficient low emission vehicles: New Zealand has made a commitment to lower its greenhouse gas emissions. Vehicles are a significant contributor to these. There are a number of existing and emerging technologies that improve the fuel efficiency and emissions performance of vehicles. This project is assessing the options and identifying what policy options are appropriate to facilitate their adoption.

    Other projects:

  • Reviews of the energy used by both heavy and light vehicle fleets
  • The evauation of the fuel efficiency measures that would assist heavy vehicle transport operators and light vehicle fleets save fuel
  • Research on the barriers to children cycling to school
  • The effects of fuel blends on engine reliability
  • Research on the adoption of fuel efficient, low emission vehicles that could reduce New Zealand's dependence on fossil fuels